Saturday, July 21, 2018

Last day of Term 2 we had a coin donation to support APIFOOU COLLEGE IN TONGA that was affected by the cyclone room A4 students had some Awesome costumes. Thank-you parents we appreciate your support and kindness.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Speech and Poem

Hi Parents week 6  is Apods Speech and Poem Competition our students a very excited we have been learning a Poem called My Hamster in class our year ones will recite this poem on the day of the competition Happy learning

My Hamster

My hamster has a skateboard.
When he rides it, though, he falls.
He takes off like a maniac
and crashes into walls.
He screams, “Geronimo!”
and then goes crashing down the stairs.
He’s good at knocking tables down
and slamming into chairs.
He’ll slalom through the living room
and then you’ll hear a, “Splat!”
which means that he’s collided with
my mother or the cat.
He plows right into cabinets,
and smashes into doors,
I think he’s wrecked on every bed
and every chest of drawers.
It’s fun to watch him ride
because you’re sure to hear a smash.
He doesn’t skate so well but, boy,
he sure knows how to crash.
 --Kenn Nesbitt

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Welcome  Term 2 

Hello Parents and Caregivers,
Room A1,A4,A5 and A6 a having a Read-a-Thon competition this term.

~50 straight days of reading at home.

~Includes the weekends.

~Reading logs must be given to teacher each day.

~Parents must sign or comment on reading logs.

~Help support our Whanau.

~Forgotten book bags with reading logs cannot be counted.

Children who will compete 50 days will be acknowledge at the of the term.


Thursday, April 26, 2018

 A4 got a Brand New Active Board this will engage our children learning. It is a great tool for children to learn how to use the board and enjoy learning different technology.

St Mary Mackillop had a fundraiser. Crazy Hair day here is some Room A4 children with there funky hairstyle they look Awesome!. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Week 10 was Stations of the cross week. It was such a spiritual event for St Mary Mackillop School the children did Exceptionally Well here are some shots of the day.


We also did a march around Apod singing our songs of Jesus, then had a shared lunch learning about the foods Jesus ate in the olden days.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Please parents just a friendly reminder that students should bring book bags to school each day.We can't let students take reading books home unless they have their book bags to keep reading books in good conditions for other students to use. We also need your signature on the reading log book to confirm that your child has read that book. Please help support your child learning by reading with them and returning books in a book bag to school everyday 😁 Thanks.

Related image
Don't forget your book bag😺