Student Led Conference 
Thank you to those parents who came. If you couldn't make it for any reason, your more then welcome to come and talk about your child on Mondays after school.
Thanks Mrs. Koka
A4's  Assembly

Hello everyone A4 is having an assembly this Friday 12th July please come along to support your children, your child will need a white T-shirt for the Samoan dance can't wait to see you there.
Samoan Language Week 2019Lalaga la Si'sio  Omaga mo se Lumana'i Manuia      "Weave an environment for the better future"

We shared Samoan lunch together Sapasui with Alaisa  Chop Suey and rice thank you parents we really enjoyed it .

Thomas Tau'ai shows  A4 the School Value of Service after our lunch . Well done Thomas keep up the great work .

Welcome back to term 2. It will be a very busy term ahead. This term we have swimming for the children.  A4's  scheduled session is every Friday at 12:15 pm  to 1:00 pm. Please parents its very important for your child to participate in this part of the Heath and Physical Education Curriculum.

A4s Learning  

Reading time students a learning to manage them selves during independent group activities

Essential Spelling words

Please help your children learn essential spelling words

List 2                                                List 3                             List 4
at   so                                               about  be                        again do next people had  they                                          go   into                         time an first night put took of   you                                            our  after                        around food no ran two that  me                                            because  going               big from now saw us  up  got                                             just   out                        by good off school very  but  there                                         all  came                       can him only started what  he  then                                           are day                          could house or their will  on  went                                          her mu…